Custom Lessons & Assessments


Our custom driving lessons are designed to cover all of the same components as a basic driving course but are tailored around your specific needs. For new learners we begin with the basics such as acceleration, braking, and steering. Your custom learning program will adjust as your skills develop. For more experienced drivers we will start with an initial assessment to determine your abilities in order to develop a lesson plan to fit your specific needs. During the assessment you will be given simple directions and our driving instructors will observe your existing habits to see what if anything could be improved.

  • Use a custom lesson to learn precision steering, parallel parking, or another skill that you need help with.
  • Use a custom lesson for additional practice time behind-the-wheel.


Assessments are available to new and experienced learners who would like feedback and help preparing for a driving test. Often times experienced drivers are unsuccessful at passing their driving test on the first attempt. We offer an assessment to determine what areas you need help to improve upon. The most common areas include remembering to observe your blind spot before changing direction, speed control, and parking.

Custom lessons and assessments are available to new and experienced drivers. Once you have purchased the package or single lesson call, text, or email us to schedule the date and time for your lesson.
*Please note that text and email are preferred methods of reserving lesson times.

Purchase and schedule a single lesson/assessment or save money by purchasing a package.

Single sessions run from 1 hour to 2 hours and range in price from $95 to $190. Most individuals who would like to learn more than a specific skill would benefit from the savings of purchasing a package. Our packages offer multiple sessions at a discounted or bulk price. Our 3 and 4 hour packages include 2 sessions. Our 6 hour package is comprised of 4 sessions, 1.5 hours each. Our 9 hour package is comprised of 6 sessions, 1.5 hours each.

Single Sessions or Packages
$95 – 1 hour session $270 – 3 hour package
$142.50 – 1.5 hour session $360 – 4 hour package
$190 – 2 hour session $540- 6 hour package
$810 – 9 hour package
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 Text or call to schedule your lesson: 541-248-1962